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자유 게시판

아바마마끼리 서로 소통하며 필요한 정보를 나누는 곳이에요 🙂
자유 게시판
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가입 인사 😍

바나나 선생님과 다른 아바마마에게 인사해 주세요 🙂

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안녕하세요라고 하세요 🙂


English ONLY

Let's get to know each other while talking about anything and practicing our English. Don't be shy and don't be afraid of making mistakes, it happens to everyone. The important thing is to put what you learned with Banana into practice. Few things we can talk about in English: Travel, Food, Movies, TV Shows, Work, Hobbies, Future plans, Dreams, Education, Love, Personal struggles... ANYTHING!! Let's speak English and have FUN!! 😃🎈🎉

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